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January 26, 2019
Servus Place, St. Albert
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Plugged In Community Centre Organization is working towards creating a facility that will house Plugged In programs and events that we are proud to bring to the community.  As well as provide affordable space to local organizations that offer inclusive programs and initiatives.



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BrainChild Event Date Announced!

October 29, 2018
  An annual event that offers children-in-need, whether vulnerable, disempowered or disengaged, the opportunity to discover a love of learning through multifaceted activities and community interactions. January 26, 2019 Servus Place, 400 Campbell Rd, St. Albert Plugged In is hosting our third annual BrainChild event January 26, 2019, in St. Albert at Servus Place!  This event provides 100 children-in-need, a one-day fall in love with learning through a series of hands-on activities.  This year will feature a variety of activities that will stimulate learning through, sports, mindfulness, cooking and guest experts to create hands-on academic fun!  The students will be treated to morning and afternoon snacks, lunch and a swag bag to continue building their curiosity in learning. We provide an inclusive and supportive environment for all children to experience success at this event. To register 100% of camp expenses will be paid for by the Sturgeon County, St. Albert, Edmonton, and area business community. You can sponsor children at $150/student. Sponsorship Levels: Gold: $2,250           •   Sponsors 15 kids           •   15 swag bags           •   AM/PM snacks           •   Lunch           •   Website Feature           •   Cheque Presentation           •   Nomination for Decal Award Silver: $1,500           •   Sponsors 10 kids           •   10 swag bags           •   AM/PM snacks           •   Lunch           •   Nomination for Decal Award           •   Website feature Bronze: $750           •   Sponsors 5 kids           •   5 swag bags           •   AM/PM snacks           •   Lunch           •   Nomination for Decal Award           •   Website feature Download pdf for more information > BrainChild pdf #PluggedIn #BrainChild    

Mini Conference: Shaping Conversations

October 23, 2018
  We have all struggled to say something when we should have…whether it was a parent that had views which weren’t quite what you supported, a teacher who you needed to understand your child, a co-worker who wasn’t holding up their end or a friend who just wasn’t being that friend…. How often do you find yourself resentful, angry or unhappy with the way you’ve left a conversation or situation? Do you go over and over past conversations in your head When you are so convinced that you are ‘right’ in every situation, there is no chance for true connection and real, open conversation. Put anger and upset aside and create the context for every conversation Learn how you can let go of the idea of ‘only one winner’ and experience communication that is both productive and beneficial to you and others around you. Once you make that shift, every moment brings clarity to your communication. Attend our Mini-Conference: Shaping Conversations featuring guest speaker Vik Maraj of Unstoppable Conversations. Tue, 6 November 2018 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM MST Leo Nickerson Elementary School 10 Sycamore Avenue, St. Albert This event is for YOU, your TEAM and is sure to make the difference in your ability to have those tough/critical conversations that will directly impact the culture of your organization! If you could all generously SHARE this event, attend this event or donate to the Plugged In charity it would be very much appreciated. All proceeds go directly to supporting our annual events, BrainChild, BEautiful ME and our Inclusion In Action campaigns. These events provide much needed opportunities to kids in our community, YOUR community. Come, listen, learn and meet people! We need your help to make this event a success. Download pdf for more information > Shaping Conversations pdf #PluggedIn #MiniConference #VikMaraj    

Mini Conference Guest Speaker Vik Maraj

October 12, 2018
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