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Life is a Box of Chocolates Sometimes life sucks. It sucks so freaking bad that you feel like you are drowning. I have been there. Oh trust me I have been there and it is not a lot of fun. When I was in the depths of my hell I was so scared. Scared of being hurt again. Scared of allowing anyone in. Scared of who I had become. And yet here’s the thing. That Read More
Morgan's Mission Depression, anxiety, personality disorders, self harm, OCD, ADD, ADHD, addiction and suicide …….. These are just a selected few mental illnesses that are affecting our youth in ways that some will never be able to understand. Suicide is often the end of an illness that has caused suffering far more imaginable then one can express. Being a parent of a child with mental illness you want to understand and learn what you can Read More
Plugged In Community Centre Organization (Plugged In) is excited to announce our 7th Annual BEautiful ME (BeMe) event, happening April 8, 2018 at DanceCo in St. Albert! Social media, puberty, and peer-pressure all have powerful impacts on self-esteem. Many youth suffer from low self-esteem and mental health issues because, instead of celebrating their own unique beauty, they strive to look like the celebrities they see in the media or to fit in with their social Read More
Inclusion In Action: Recreation For All Ages Inclusion in Action: Recreation for All Ages is Plugged In’s ongoing initiative to connect various sectors of the community in an attempt to foster meaningful relationships and promote inclusion. Each month, a classroom of energetic preschoolers visits a retirement residence in St. Albert and engages in fun and meaningful activities. For the month of December, Plugged In extended the invitation to all members of the community for a Read More
Inclusion in the Community: Mini-Conference Inclusion In The Community: Mini-Conference is an important piece of Plugged In’s commitment to impact and connect with the community. Included in our mandate to create inclusion are opportunities to educate, particularly on the importance of the relationship between communities, schools and families. The general definition of inclusion is “the action or state of including or of being included within a group or structure,” however this is easier said than Read More
Fight Gone Bad at Crossfit Edmonton (CFE)In honour of Plugged In Community Centre Oct 29, 2017Written by: Christina Herbers Fight Gone Bad is a Crossfit benchmark workout, our gym organizes this group workout once a year. Always near Halloween, and we wear crazy costumes. This year there was Donkey Kong, Princess Peach, some grannies with walkers, some skeletons (mom and daughter) and some unicorns to name just a few. In total, we had 32 people Read More
Shelley Moore: An Interactive Presentation on Meaningful Inclusion in Classrooms, Schools and Communities. Based in Vancouver, Shelley Moore is a PhD student at UBC who consults and presents throughout North America. Her interactive presentations integrate theory and effective practices of inclusion, special education, curriculum and technology based on contexts of schools and communities. Quickly gaining a reputation as THE best presenter on inclusion, Shelley’s presentations appeal to school staff and administration, parents and community stakeholders. Read More
Positions AVAILABLE! Plugged In Community Centre Organization is working towards creating a community that provides access, removes barriers and includes all of its citizens! A community where great conversations begin! Check us out, join our board and be a part of our extraordinary community events! This is truly an exceptional board and we are currently looking for 3 new members to attend a monthly meeting and to be an active committee member for 2 of Read More
Inclusion in the Community: What does this truly mean to children, families and schools? This mini-conference was held on Saturday, October 22, 2016 at Leo Nickerson School in St. Albert. Three talented speakers (Shawn Reynolds, Sheila Chisholm and Rebecca Arthurs) provided information and insight into the concept of inclusion, as seen through the eyes of children, families and school staff.  The registration fees directly benefited initiatives of Plugged In Community Centre Organization. About Shawn Reynolds: Read More