Our vision is to create a warm and inviting facility for all users, by removing barriers and creating access to community..

Plugged In is a charitable organization that will lease and / or build a multi-use facility that will rent, on a cost-recovery basis, to charitable, non-profit and for-profit organizations that are inclusion-minded to offer:

  • Offices and meeting rooms, as well as program studios and viewing galleries
  • Inclusion-based recreational programming through gross motor, sensory and interactive technology spaces
  • Cafe, kitchen and specialty market
  • Cross-age/generational programming and initiatives
  • Youth leadership opportunities
  • Ad-hoc rentals
  • Special events
  • Bursary program for participants of partner organizations

The Plugged In Community Centre will ideally be situated in St. Albert on centrally-located land with ample parking and easy access to public transit.

Our vision is that the facility will be approximately 10,000 square feet, with careful attention paid to making it warm and inviting to all users, regardless of their age or mobility needs. The rear of the building will open onto a safe, fenced green space to facilitate outdoor programming. It is our hope to include a playground, grassy field, patio area and a community garden.

The MISSION of the Plugged In Community Centre Organization (Plugged In) is to provide a facility that promotes inclusive and supportive programming for members of the St. Albert and area community, regardless of age, ability or any other potentially segregating factors.

We are working towards creating a space that offers families access to fun, supported, safe and socially inclusive activities; a space that is available to all citizens, for local businesses and families to feel at home and Plugged In to their community! Contributions can be made to Plugged In Community Centre Organization, campaign for community!



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