BrainChild Sponsorship

Are you a business that would love to make science camp a reality for underprivileged kids? Are you looking for a way to support your community? If so, there are several different ways you can provide your support!


Support Financially

Support BrainChild financially and advertise your business at the same time! BrainChild is 100% funded by the Edmonton community so financial sponsorship is crucial. We are asking for support of $1000, but please still contact us if you’d like to contribute a different amount, or if you would like to contribute but are not a business.


Donate Swag

We are providing the kids with giveaway bags and would love some fun items to fill them with! Donate some promo items from your company and bring a smile to a kid’s face.


Donate Food

We are providing a lunch and snacks to the kids. Providing food or funding for food will ensure our kids have the sustenance they need to make the most of their day.

Individual/Corporate Sponsors

Please contact us if you are interested in sponsoring our event.Get Involved