...that's why BrainChild is giving the gift of camp to 100 kids-in-need.

What is BrainChild?

BrainChild is a FREE one-day camp hosted in the community of St. Albert and Area. This learning camp is an annual event 100% sponsored by the local community and is intended to provide disempowered or disengaged children, and those with unique learning needs, the opportunity to discover a love of learning.


January 25, 2020


North Pointe Community Church
14025 167 Avenue NW
Edmonton, AB T6V 1J5


Underprivileged kids in grades 3-7.

Pre-registration is required.

The Nuts & Bolts

  • Chaperones (1 per 5 children) will support the day with an additional leader per group
  • Programming will include admission to the venue and activities provided within the business.
  • Lunch, morning and afternoon snacks, drinks, take-away goodie bag for child participants, and BrainChild event t-shirts for all participants
  • 100% of camp expenses will be paid for by the community
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Chad Mielke – BrainChild creator and founder

With experience running the Peace Power Corporation since 2012, 8 years as a professional engineer, and over a decade sitting on not-for-profit boards, Chad brings a unique set of strengths to BrainChild including leadership, planning, governance, and follow-through. An advocate for community-based initiatives, Chad has spent his entire career developing the skills and expertise in business, leadership, and non-profit management required to build and lead this exciting new organization.

The Cause

Plugged In Community Centre Organization (Plugged In) is proud to host BrainChild, which is a free, themed, one-day camp exclusively for Edmonton and area kids-in-need.

Our mission is to provide children-in-need, whether disempowered or disengaged, the opportunity to discover a love of learning and engagement. This year’s event theme is science and will be held at the Telus World of Science Edmonton on October 15, 2017, however, our goal is to have themes of art, music, sport and more in future years. Our goal is to create a fun, interactive program of events such that the children leave inspired and optimistic for the future.

BrainChild’s vision is a community where no child is left behind; where all are nurtured; and where all graduate high school and go on to be productive members of society in adulthood.

The Need:

  • 128,810 people live in poverty in metro Edmonton, or 10.5% (2013)1
  • 41,640 children and youth live in poverty in metro Edmonton, or 15.2% (2013)1
  • 17.5% of Edmontonians never graduated high school (2011)1
  • Poverty costs Albertans in the range of $7.1 billion to $9.5 billion per year including health care costs, crime, intergenerational, and opportunity costs (2012)1

1: Kolkman, J., Escoto, M., & Shams, R. (2015). Tracking the Trends 2015: 13th Edition. Edmonton, Canada: Edmonton Social Planning Council.

Who Does It Benefit?

BrainChild will take one-hundred (100) kids-in-need and seventy-five (75) volunteer adult chaperones (3 adults per 4 children) to camp for free.

Our target children will be 8-14 year old children from The Boys & Girls Clubs Big Brothers Big Sisters of Edmonton & Area (BGCBigs), whom attended our inaugural event last year, as well as 10-14 year old children from Plugged-In Community Centre Organization (Plugged In). (Note: BGCBigs provides no involvement nor funding to BrainChild, and simply provides us the opportunity to invite their program kids to our event.)

Children and youth in the BGCBigs program seek safe places and positive mentoring relationships that address their physical, emotional, academic and overall wellness.

Children and youth currently involved with Plugged In experience inclusive and supportive programming regardless of age, ability or any other potentially segregating factors. Plugged In is particularly proud that their recreational programs are specifically inclusion-based, with special attention given to the motor, sensory, cognitive and social needs of its patrons.

It is with the needs of these types of children in mind that the idea for BrainChild was born, and it is our goal to have these children attend our event such that their lives can be enriched and a more appealing future open up for them.

Our chaperones and event organizers will also benefit from this incredible day. Parents and guardians, Plugged In volunteers, as well as ‘Bigs’ (the big brothers and big sisters paired with children in the BGCBigs program) will get to experience a free, fun-filled day with these special children and youth, specifically designed to let them ‘let their hair down’ as well. In this way, we believe the child-adult relationships of our attendees will be strengthened.


Become a Sponsor

Are you a local business with a passion for empowering youth in our community? Become a sponsor and help make BrainChild a reality while advertising your company.

Register a Child

Do you know a child-in-need who would enjoy this camp, or who could use a spark? Contact us to register them!


Interested in making sure our kids have an unforgettable, impactful day? Volunteer with us! Responsibilities include guiding a small group of kids through various activities.
(Background check required.)

Did You Know…

  • 41,640 children and youth live in poverty in metro Edmonton, or 15.2% (2013)
  • 17.5% of Edmontonians never graduated high school (2011)

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a community where no child is left behind; where all are nurtured, and where all graduate high school and go on to be productive members of society in adulthood.

Plugged In was pleased to contribute to the inaugural BrainChild event held Saturday, January 23, 2016. This free one-day event offered the opportunity for 81 underprivileged children aged 9-13 to discover a love of science and math at the Telus World of Science Edmonton!