Bursary Opportunities

In keeping with its mandate to promote inclusion in St. Albert & surrounding area, Plugged In Community Centre Organization (Plugged In) offers bursary opportunities to families and individuals experiencing financial need. We are offering up to $500 to those who wish to participate in inclusive programs, services or events.

While Plugged In would like to assist all individuals in need, limited funds require that all recipients meet eligibility criteria. To ensure that help goes to those most in need, the following guidelines are in place:

  • Bursaries are only available to families or individuals who demonstrate financial need. As a result, the combined annual gross household income must not exceed $85,000.
  • Bursaries will be available to a maximum of $500 per family, per fiscal year.
  • Applicants must be Canadian citizens or have permanent resident status in Canada.

Bursaries will only be allocated for programs, services and events that promote inclusion, either by promoting an individual’s feeling of belonging in the community or by increasing the individual’s ability to promote an inclusive and welcoming community. These could include, but are not limited to:

  • Inclusive recreational programs
  • Social groups, designed to foster relationships and growth between individuals facing similar challenges
  • Developmental or educational programs/services
  • Personal or professional development courses, conferences or events for family members

As the first step in the application process, please email us at info@pluggedincentre.com to request a full bursary application package.