Fight Gone Bad at Crossfit Edmonton (CFE)

By Plugged In Community Centre 3 years ago
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Fight Gone Bad at Crossfit Edmonton (CFE)

In honour of Plugged In Community Centre

Oct 29, 2017

Written by: Christina Herbers

Fight Gone Bad is a Crossfit benchmark workout, our gym organizes this group workout once a year. Always near Halloween, and we wear crazy costumes. This year there was Donkey Kong, Princess Peach, some grannies with walkers, some skeletons (mom and daughter) and some unicorns to name just a few. In total, we had 32 people form CFE participate.

Fight Gone Bad is designed to be a workout simulating an MMA fight. The clock runs for five minutes each round, with no stopping during those five minutes. At the top of every minute, you immediately move to a new exercise: wall-ball shots followed by sumo-deadlift high pulls, box jumps, push presses and rowing. Athletes only have one minute of rest between rounds.

For the past two years, I have participated in ‘Fight Gone Bad’ in honour of Plugged In Community Centre. The crew of us at Plugged In have a dream of one day having a community facility in St. Albert that is inclusive for all. A centre with programming for seniors, special needs families, and people struggling with mental health issues.

CrossFit Edmonton has always welcomed my special needs daughter at any time. She is made to feel as part of the family. People know her, talk to her and bring her blankets when she’s cold. She feels seen at CFE, and that is all we want. To be seen, included in our community, and have an inclusive centre to call home.

In 2016, over the course of only a few hours, we raised over $1,000. This year we raised over $1,400!! Wow! Thank you to Suzanne and the entire CrossFit Edmonton family for all your hugs, support, and inviting ‘Plugged In’ to your home, where we can share our story.

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We challenge you to create your own pop-up fundraiser for Plugged In, for more information, support and guidance on pop up fundraisers contact Jordan Tardi our community Liaison,

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