Inclusion In Action: Recreation For All Ages

By Plugged In Community Centre 3 years ago
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Inclusion In Action: Recreation For All Ages

Inclusion in Action: Recreation for All Ages is Plugged In’s ongoing initiative to connect various sectors of the community in an attempt to foster meaningful relationships and promote inclusion. Each month, a classroom of energetic preschoolers visits a retirement residence in St. Albert and engages in fun and meaningful activities.

For the month of December, Plugged In extended the invitation to all members of the community for a very special Christmas Open House, and what happened was pure magic.

With a turnout of 22 incredible retirees and 14 amazing kiddos, we enjoyed cookie decorating, carol singing and a very special viewing of the Grinch in the movie theatre. There were many smiles, giggles and even some tears of joy as we witnessed the Christmas spirit being spread across many generations. The feeling inside the room was like no other, and everyone who participated felt blessed to be a part of such an incredible inclusive environment. There was no better way to showcase inclusion than by retirees helping kiddos decorate cookies, and an entire room belting out the lyrics to Santa’s Coming to Town.

We are so grateful for the continued support of Infinite Resources Inc., Happy Hearts Playschool and the St. Albert Retirement Residence for making this magic happen every month.

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