Testimonials - Inclusion In Action - Recreation For All Ages

What the children wanted to say:

  • loved having 2 kinds of juice
  • loved making adult friends
  • doing crafts
  • seeing the swimming pool
  • eating lunch there
  • making owls
  • hanging with Gramma and Grampa


It was an absolute joy to watch the seniors eyes light up when they saw the children arriving. Watching them interact with each other was so inspiring, both young and old had a blast and tons of giggles. From crafts to laughing at each other was truly inspiring to watch. So honored to be part of this program.

Board President, Sheila Chisholm

As a board member given the privilege of volunteering at this event I truly believe that every person there from the preschoolers and their teaching team, the residence and their support staff, to the volunteers everyone felt Inclusion. There were no barriers, not age, memory, language or…. just a beautiful connection and so much playing!

One resident (Scott) made a preschooler (Olivia) feel like the world’s best joke teller when he broke out into laughter at a knock knock joke that made no sense! He told her “jokes that don’t make sense are the best jokes of all, when you tell them to a friend!”, her eyes sparkled at the praise and request for another joke!

Another resident (May) wanted me to tell the gals how well organized and wonderful the visit with and she looked forward to the next visit, such fun to sew and colour with the children!

One of my favourite moments was when Infinite Resources Inc staff and Miss Marianne from Happy Hearts Playschool lead some songs, everyone joined in with actions and singing, laughter and smiles! What was extraordinary was afterwards Rose, a staff from St. Albert Retirement Residence started singing songs that had the wise folks singing with a joyful heart, the preschoolers were so engaged and broke into applause at the end with some cueing from the adults!!! Everyone belonged, no barriers, not age, memory, language or…. just a beautiful connection and so much playing!

Amanda Walter, Playschool Parent & Board Secretary

From a 4yr old perspective… She loved blowing farts on the floor.. (omg).. For the record, this was hysterical and she had 2 residents in hysterics. She also loved the songs and parachute activities.

From myself…
This experience was eye opening and rewarding. We all experience aging. But do we actually ever grow up…. Being a part of this program was so much fun to watch the interaction between generations. It proved to me how everyone really is a kid at heart. Whether you are 4 or 80 yrs old… You can always color a beautiful butterfly or laugh at a fart.

From other preschoolers age 3 to 5,
They loved making an owl (craft), making a name tag and having two different kinds of juice!!

Laura Tardi, Board Member

This event was pure magic. I took a particular liking in one specific resident who chatted my ear off the whole morning. She kept telling me how much she loved kids and how nice it was to have them sit on her lap. Her eyes lit up as she spoke to me about her own children and how cute all the preschoolers were. I know for a fact we made her day, and she made mine.

Laura, Infinite Resources Inc.

It was so much fun to engage both the kiddos and the residents in the hello, hello song and open shut them. Every time a resident would do an action or sing along, they caught the attention of the kiddos. The preschoolers were so excited that everyone was singing along, and it created such a positive atmosphere of music and inclusion.

Jordan Tardi, Board Member of Plugged In Community Centre Organization

I love how universal fun can be. Regardless of age or physical ability, all of those involved with Inclusion In Action: Recreation For All Ages have an amazing time. It is so incredible to see such a wide range of people all participating and enjoying the same activities. I think too much of society focuses on the differences between people, instead of focusing on the incredible things that bring people together. There is no such thing as too old for colouring or singing, and I think it is so important for children to experience that, even if they don’t yet recognize the value of it. I feel very fortunate to be involved with such an incredible program!

Jordan, Infinite Resources Inc.

Participating in this program is such an eye opening experience! It is so special to be a part of people coming together and having a good time. This program really demonstrates how all people can come together and feel welcome, something that should be simple but often isn’t. Inclusion is so important and I am proud to have a role facilitating it in the community.